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Cosmic Christmas | by Max Lucado

Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado
(Thomas Nelson, 1997, 112 pages)

Many of you probably know of Max Lucado from his books on living a Christian life.  I have read most of those and have enjoyed Lucado’s writing so when I saw this Christmas book, I immediately picked it up.  What a surprise it was.  The story is of the birth of Jesus Christ, but in a different light.  Imagine this……God preparing to send the seed of Christ by way of an angel, down to earth where he is to be born to save his people…….but there is a war before the seed is delivered…….Satan is waiting to stop the seed from making it’s way to earth and the war is on.  What a story!!  Totally something from Lucado’s imagination.  Or is it fiction??  Could this story have really happened?

I read this book every December and every time I read it, I am amazed.  It is a very small book and can be read in one evening, but WOW, you will never forget Lucado’s amazing imagination!


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