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What the Dog Saw and Other Stories | by Malcolm Gladwell

What the Dog Saw and Other Stories by Malcolm Gladwell
(Little, Brown and Co., 2009, 410 pages)

What the Dog Saw and Other Stories is a collection of articles that Gladwell had originally published in The New Yorker.  The book is broken down into three distinct sections: Pt. 1 Obsessives, pioneers, and other varieties of minor genius; Pt. 2 Theories, predictions and diagnoses; Pt. 3 Personality, character and intelligence – with related articles under each heading.  I’m a fan of Gladwell in general and I liked this collection overall (primarily part 1), but some of the stories just didn’t hold my interest (things about Enron and stock trading… not my cup of tea).  I did choose to listen to the audiobook and Gladwell reads it himself which was nice but I think it might have been Gladwell overload.

I’d recommend picking this up if you’re a fan of his work and appreciate articles about things and issues you don’t normally think about.  Things like getting an inside look at “dog whisperer” Cesar Milan, learning about Ron Popeil (the man who paved the way for all those late-night kitchen infomercials), and learning more about the inventor of the birth control pill.  We have a number of Gladwell’s books here in the library – you should check them out!

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