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Heat Wave | by Richard Castle

Heat Wave by Richard Castle
(Hyperion, 2010, 224 pages)

As a loyal fan to the ABC series, Castle, I decided to go ahead and read Heat Wave by Richard Castle. Nikki Heat is an NYPD detective who is fortunate, or rather unfortunate, to have Jameson Rook, a famous journalist, follow her in her daily work life for a story. The novel focuses on the high-profile murder of a real-estate mogul, which Heat is assigned to investigate. Of course, Rook tags along on the investigation and often gets in the way. The novel covers the ups and downs of the case and the romantic interludes between Heat and Jameson. Overall, I would have to say that the novel is a quick and easy read. Additionally, it is easy to see how the characters in the TV series are mimicked by the characters in the book. After reading the novel, it made me anxious for the Castle season premiere, which is on September 19!

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