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Outliers | by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
(Little, Brown, and Co., 2008, 309 pages)

I like reading Malcolm Gladwell because he brings up interesting issues and talks about them in a very engaging and accessible manner.  In Outliers Gladwell is looking at what it is that allows people to become successful.  He looks at people like Bill Gates and The Beatles and by looking back on their lives he’s able to demonstrate that people don’t become successful without a number of outside influences enabling them to get there.  Things that we don’t even think about greatly impact our potential for success.  In many instances it’s something as simple as the month and/or year you were born in that places you in the right place at the right time.

There’s also something to be said for hard work and the amount of time you’re willing to put into something to ensure that you’ll find success.  It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn that the amount of time that needs to be devoted to something in order to hope for real success is 10,000 hours.  That’s no small number. . .

I enjoyed listening to this audiobook, it was read by the author which I appreciated.  Some parts were more engaging than others but overall I enjoyed Outliers.  I’m listening to his most recent book, What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures, right now 🙂


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