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Gentleman Boss: The Life of Chester Alan Arthur | by Thomas C. Reeves

Gentleman Boss: The Life of Chester Alan Arthur by Thomas C. Reeves
(American Political Biography Press, 1991, 500 pages)

Gentleman Boss by Thomas C. Reeves is the story of Chester Alan Arthur, the 21st President of the United States. Chester Arthur was an accidental president. Arthur was the reluctant Vice President to President James A. Garfield who was shot and died in office only a few months into his Presidency. Arthur never wanted or intended to be President. When Arthur took over the Presidency, his fellow Republicans and the general public had low expectations for him. Arthur managed to be a more effective leader than his critics predicted.

Gentleman Boss is a comprehensive and well researched book. The author, Thomas C. Reeves, is a U.S. historian who specializes in 19th and 20th century America. His expertise in this area shows in this book. Since I had previously read and blogged about Dark Horse, the story of James Garfield, I was interested in following-up with the Presidency of Chester A. Arthur. Gentleman Boss made a good companion to Dark Horse. Gentleman Boss is recommended for readers interested in the U.S. Presidents.

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