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The Swan Thieves | by Elizabeth Kostova

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova
(Little, Brown and Co., 2010, 576 pages)

The Swan Thieves is the second novel by the author of The Historian.  I loved The Historian and I liked The Swan Thieves but for those of you who read The Historian be prepared for something different with this novel.  Taking place in the art world this book is just as well researched as The Historian but it delves more into the psychology of the characters, the relationships between people, and the nature of love and obsession.  Some parts are a little slow but the writing is easy to read so this big book is a quick read.  The description of the art and the process of painting were my favorite parts but the love stories were a little bit underwhelming.  Like The Historian there is a mystery to solve but I have to say it isn’t much of a mystery.  I guess all in all it was fun to read but I wouldn’t say it was a great book.

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