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Deeper | by Megan Hart

Deeper by Megan Hart
(Spice, 2009, 400 pages)

Bess has returned to her family’s beach house after inheriting it from her parents.  It brings back memories of her college years when she would live and work at the beach each summer.  Times have changed.  20 years have gone by and Bess is now the mother of two teenage boys and she’s in the midst of separating from her husband.  As she attempts to find solace at the beach she finds herself thinking of Nick, the “one who got away” when she was younger.  And suddenly Nick is with her.  He’s there, in the flesh.  He hasn’t aged a  day since she last saw him.  She doesn’t want to think about how he came back to her, why he hasn’t aged, why he doesn’t need to eat or sleep.  She’s just happy to make up for lost time.  The question she doesn’t want to ask, is how long she’ll have him with her this time around…

Normally I’m not into supernatural elements of this variety, but I warmed up to the storyline after a while.  I was introduced to Megan Hart when I worked at Harlequin a few years ago.  This is definitely romance of the “steamier” variety (take note of the fact that this is the “Spice” imprint of Harlequin) – so that’s my fair warning :).  If you appreciate a steamy romance with an actual storyline to go with it, Hart is a great author to have in your back pocket.

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