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Body of Evidence | by Patricia Cornwell

Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell
(Pocket Star, 2011, 448 pages)

I picked up this Cornwell novel (my first one) at the public library after reading Jean’s review of Cornwell’s most recent book (Port Mortuary) on our SCC blog. I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in 2 days.  It tells the story of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the Virginia Chief Medical Examiner, who investigates the brutal murder of historical romance writer, Beryl Madison. The plot has many twists and turns – it definitely kept me hooked.

I’m curious to see how the characters, Dr. Scarpetta and Pete Marino (the detective), will be developed and how their chain-smoking habit will be affected with smoking bans in Cornwell’s later books in the Scarpetta series. I was a little disappointed in the ending. I don’t think the killer was given enough relevance to the victims and events or maybe I just missed some clues. . .   I’m looking forward to reading Cornwell’s first Scarpetta book, Postmortem.

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