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The Dream Manager | by Matthew Kelly

The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly
(Hyperion, 2007, 176 pages)

My husband reads MANY business books but seldom does he ask me to read one and give my opinion.  This one, he did.  The Dream Manager is a new concept on how to retain employees and keep employees happy by helping them reach for and attain their dreams.  As I was reading I couldn’t help but think how much the business concept of The Dream Manager was just like the old way of doing business.  Employees were more than just a number, there were relationships between employees and their bosses and/or managers. 

The Dream Manager is wonderful in that it shows how important it is for everyone to have a dream and to reach out for that dream.  It talks about how to bring relationships and caring back into the work space.    The author set the book up as a scenario in a bogus company so you felt like you knew the characters and could relate.  Overall, for a business book, it was really interesting to read.

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