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My Father at 100 | by Ron Reagan

My Father at 100 by Ron Reagan
(Viking, 2011, 228 pages)

My Father at 100 is a memoir of Ronald Reagan written by his youngest son, Ron Reagan. This book briefly touches on Reagan the actor and Reagan the President. The true focus of the book is the first 21 years of Ronald Reagan’s life. Ron Reagan, the son and author, visits the boyhood haunts of his father. Ron Reagan tries to put himself in his father’s shoes as he visits Rock River where Ronald Reagan spent several summers as a lifeguard, and the town of Dixon, IL where the former president spent much of his youth.

The title of the book, My Father at 100, acknowledges the fact that if Ronald Reagan were still alive, he would be 100 in the year this book was copyrighted (2011). Ron Reagan makes the point that in many ways Ronald Reagan is still with us. There are roads and buildings named after him and several statues are scattered throughout the USA. Reagan’s films can still be viewed. Politicians still refer to Reaganomics.

My Father at 100, at only 228 pages, is a quick read. At first, the book is a little confusing because Ron Reagan jumps back and forth in time. It is interesting to see Ronald Reagan from his son’s perspective. This book is recommended for readers of biography.


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