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The Love Goddess’ Cooking School | by Melissa Senate

The Love Goddess’ Cooking School by Melissa Senate
(Gallery Books, 2010, 326 pages)

Holly Maguire feels like she’s been searching for love and her true place in the world forever.  Her grandmother, Camilla, was known as the “Love Goddess of Blue Crab Island” in Maine and she had told Holly that she would know her true love because he would love an Italian dish known as sa cordula – translation, sheep intestines with peas.  Holly’s starting to believe that her “true love” doesn’t exist because so far NO ONE has enjoyed that dish in the slightest.

After her most recent break-up, Holly heads back to Maine to stay with her grandmother and attempt to recuperate.  In addition to being known as a fortune teller, Camilla has also been running a successful Italian cooking school for years.  Shortly after Holly’s arrival, her grandmother passes away in her sleep.  Doubly devastated, Holly now finds herself responsible for her grandmother’s legacy which means she has to teach herself how to cook and attempt to run a cooking class of her own.

There are 4 students in Holly’s class, all coming in with baggage and all hoping that learning how to cook will somehow ease the personal struggles they’re dealing with.  They grow together and form a supportive, tight-knit group.  Things start getting messy when Holly finds herself falling for the father of one of her students. . .

This was a fun, light read.  Definitely perfect for summer reading – especially if you love food and romance 😉


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