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Fire and Ice | by J.A. Jance

Fire and Ice by J.A. Jance
(William Morrow, 2009, 338 pages)

I picked up this book at our annual book sale during National Library Week.  Fire and Ice is one of J.A. Jance’s many Beaumont and Brady novels.  It’s my first book by this author.

The two main characters are well-developed, rich and likable.  Joanna Brady is a county sheriff in Arizona and J.P. Beaumont is a detective from the Special Homicide Investigation Team in Seattle.  The book goes back and forth between two murder investigations.  I thought that the transitions between the two locations and investigations could have been smoother.  It takes readers at least a paragraph or two to figure out whether they are in warm, dry Arizona or cool and rainy Seattle.  There are also characters and events that don’t contribute much to the story line.  The parallel plots are brought together eventually, but the ending of the book is rushed and not very satisfying.  I would not recommend this particular book if you are new to J.A. Jance.


One thought on “Fire and Ice | by J.A. Jance

  1. You are so right. We need to start holding publishers accountable, they print anything by authors that have successful just to sell a book.

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