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Eat, Memory | edited by Amanda Hesser

Eat, Memory: Great Writers at the Table: A Collection of Essays from the New York Times
Edited by Amanda Hesser
(W.W. Norton & Company, 2009, 204 pages)

This book is a compilation of 26 essays compiled by the former food editor of the New York Times Magazine.  Some of the essays are followed by a recipe that was relevant to the story.  These definitely aren’t all “feel good” pieces, rather they are “food-inspired” essays that directly pertain to some specific time/place/event in the author’s life.

I found some of the essays more engaging than others, but overall I wasn’t wowed by this collection.  When I read about food I want to read those “feel good” type of stories.  I did appreciate some of the recipes included, but I felt that for the sake of continuity and uniformity each essay should have included a recipe.  I’m sad I can’t recommend this very highly because when I picked it up, it looked great.  If you enjoyed reading the “Eat, Memory” column in the New York Times Magazine you might have a better appreciation for this book than I did.

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