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Stay | by Allie Larkin

Stay by Allie Larkin
(Dutton, 2010, 312 pages)

OK – now this book was really cute!  I am a total dog lover and the bigger the dog, the more I like him 🙂  So when I read the cover and it had a big dog in it, I was sold.  It’s really a love story drawn out for an entire book.  Savannah, lovingly known as “Van,” has been in love with Peter but Peter is in love with Van’s best friend, Janie.  After Peter and Janie’s wedding, Van feels sorry for herself while drinking Kool-Aid-Vodka cocktails and watching reruns of Rin Tin Tin.  Of course that combination can only lead her to purchase a dog over the internet.  This is where the story really picks up – Dog meets owner (hahahahaha) – Owner meets handsome male veterinarian (XOXO) – Complicated relationships (sigh) –  anyway. . . it’s a cute read.  My favorite character in the book????  Joe the Dog 😉

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