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A Holiday Yarn | by Sally Goldenbaum

A Holiday Yarn by Sally Goldenbaum
(Obsidian, 2010, 264 pages)

A Holiday Yarn, written by Sally Goldenbaum, is the latest in a series involving the Seaside Knitters.  The setting is the small New England town of Sea Harbor during the Christmas holiday.   You then knit in a murder surrounding the opening of a local bed and breakfast and without slipping a stitch, the knitting club of Sea Harbor sets out to find the murderer and solve the crime in time to restore Christmas.

The sense of friendship and warmth flows through the storyline as the Seaside Knitters solve another mysterious tale.  This book is a quick read and yet an intriguing page turner.  During the story, the knitting club talks about their Knit-a-Square project which is explained at the end of the book where the author adds a touch of humanity and a link for those knitters/readers who can help.   The story’s characters would meet up to knit hundreds of eight-inch squares for orphaned children in South Africa who have been infected with AIDS.  These squares, of various colors, were sent to volunteers from Soweto and made into warm blankets for the orphans.   To read more about this project, look at the website:  http://www.knit-a-square.com.   Being a knitter myself, I found this link an added bonus to the book.  I now have 8 squares of my own completed and look forward to sending my first package to South Africa.


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