Missouri Book Challenge!

Welcome to the SCC Library Reads blog!  Starting January 2011 we will be participating in the Missouri Book Challenge – competing with libraries across the state to read the most books over the course of the year (with an emphasis on choosing titles from the amazing collection we have here at the Schnare Library).  Each library staff member participating in the challenge will post a brief summary of the book letting us know what it was about along with their thoughts on the text.  Hopefully we’ll be able to expose some of our students, staff and community members to materials they might not otherwise have picked up.

We can’t wait to get started!  Get excited to get a glimpse into all the interesting books we have to offer here at SCC, get exposed to some new titles you might not have thought to read, along with getting to know our library staff a little better.  January 1 can’t come soon enough!  A little friendly competition is always a good thing…

2 thoughts on “Missouri Book Challenge!

  1. What a great project! I just read most of these reviews, and they’re wonderfully honest. Keep it up, this is super interesting, and I’ll definately use this as a book finding site!

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